Creative mode in Fortnite

Creative mode in Fortnite is a new, improved sandbox in the game. Where all the players can create their own maps, mini-games, trials, organize battles and much more, which is enough for their imagination. The mode is free and you do not need to buy a combat pass to play in Creative mode. In this article we will try to give you some basic advices on how to deal with Creative mode in Fortnite.

Features of Creative Mode in Fortnite

The feature of the mode is that you can create any location (again, depending on your imagination) and invite your friends to it. When choosing a creative mode, you will have the opportunity to join a friend on his server or create your own, inviting up to 3 friends with you, and start building a map from scratch.

In purgatory (in general, this is the Creative Center) you choose where you need to go. You can choose from your newly created and empty island, recommendations from other community players and maps from the royal battle.

You can go to your island and hold down the key E. In the dialog box, you will be presented with all the islands available in the Creative Center. Choose anything you like and it will be loaded for you. Or you can go to any of the recommended locations and read the rules and instructions to start the game. To join the location go to the fault and you will move to the map. To start the game on the new map, press E. Through your server in the lobby, your friends can participate. Thus, if you go to any of the recommended cards, then your friend can follow you. Playing time in creative mode is limited and it is 4 hours. During 4 hours, you will have time to create something. But, with minimal activity, the time is reduced to 60 minutes and eventually the server shuts down. You will need to restart it.

How to create your island in Creative Mode

Go to the Creative mode, invite friends and click Create Server. Then go to your nickname and go to the island through the rift. On this island, there is nothing but the most important thing – the telephone. No, it is not for calls. This is the most important item in your inventory. With the help of it you can create! How to use it? Choose a phone and aim the sight at some object. Left-click to copy an object. Right-click to take and move to another place. To cancel, right-click again.

Island settings

After you complete the construction and ready to test your island, you need to go to the settings and edit the parameters on your own. To enter island settings, press ESC and find MY ISLAND. There are a lot of parameters and it makes no sense to list them here, since they are all understandable.

Some of the most basic points:

  1. You can indicate health and shield more than standard 100 units. (Even 10,000 units.)
  2. Fine-tuning, there are a lot of different add-ons that will work in your game on your island.
  3. You can set the server description, its name and greeting on the corresponding Description tab.
  4. You can reset the whole island, if you suddenly do not like what you have created or if you want to start over.

There is also a backup where is a reset, although the island is saved automatically. On the ACCESS RIGHTS tab, you can give permission to edit it to everyone or anyone. Keep in mind that the default settings of the island are not suitable for playing on it, so do not forget to set up your island after construction.

Where to enter the island code

In the creative mode of Fortnite, you can visit other islands that were created by players who are not your friends. To visit another island and enjoy playing on it, you need to go to the fracture of RECOMMENDED islands and hold E. You will see a window where you need to enter the island code.

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