What is Fortnite and how to play it?

A game with a more obscure concept than Fortnite is hard to come up with. It’s like Plants vs Zombies, where instead of plants people. Um, no, not like that. This is Borderlands, where you need to build a base with traps. Mmm, that’s not that either. This tower defense, assembled in the likeness of mobile games, but in the third person. In short, it’s not surprising that the authors themselves can’t normally explain to the players what Fortnite is and how to play it. It’s as if in the Overwatch training course you’d be offered to first play a “pair of skating rinks” in Dota 2, and then you would also drive Minecraft.

So this is tower defense? In general, yes. The closest will be the comparison with Orcs Must Die: you set traps and fight off the waves of zombies. But besides all of this, there is still construction and a bunch of different guns.

Usually the tasks are: to find some important object in a relatively small location, build a fortress around it (and for this you need to extract resources), lay traps around it and fight off several waves of zombies.

And what place in the game does craft take? Crafting is at the very core. To build a wall of metal, you need to look for caves with ore or break cars and refrigerators if it happens in the city. A brick is knocked out of stones, a tree is out of trees, respectively. Everything is crafted: from walls and traps to guns and their ammunition. It is important to note here that the weapons found during missions quickly break down and cannot be repaired.

What does construction look like?

The construction of the game is most reminiscent of Fallout 4. There are several types of buildings: walls, floors (they are ceilings), stairs and pyramids. There is an editing mode: each building is divided into blocks – you can make a low cover from the wall or cut through it, for example, a door. Actually, there are not so many opportunities for construction: usually players simply build a box around the object to be protected, and shelters and traps are set along the perimeter.

So, what is the essence of the main base and why not collect resources there?

In the game, each player has its own base, which must be equipped: in the center – a shield generator, which creates a barrier, within which evil spirits do not breed. But the player cannot go beyond the “dome”, which means resources on the base are limited. Over time, the shield expands, opening up new areas to explore.

Play better with friends, right?

Anything is better to play with friends, Fortnite is no exception. They will be able to “save” even the faintest game, so the answer is yes. But we have not yet noticed any noticeable cooperation. Fortnite somehow feels like a single player game that you can just play.

How is developing?

You can improve almost everything in the game. For completing missions, the player gains experience, and with increasing levels, he is given one point, which can be spent on one of the points in a very extensive skill tree, which is actually four pieces. The base also constantly accumulates research points – for them there are four more trees with passive perks. With the help of the need to “get” these points, players are encouraged to enter the game more often, because after reaching a certain amount of research points, they no longer accumulate.

You can improve weapons, heroes and survivors for this there are special items that fall out of the pinata (local analog of chests, although chests too). Most of the upgrades, skills and perks are expressed in a simple increase in numerical indicators, the meaning of which in the game is not explained: a point in the tree of developing can add +5 to persistence, but what persistence is never said.

And what about the plot? Who will we have to fight?

The story in the game is simple: a purple storm of a planetary scale arose from nowhere, 98 percent of the population died, crowds of zombies roam the Earth. The player is a certain Commander, who controls the other heroes from the control center using a device similar to a periscope. Or not – they seem to have personalities, and they are unlike the soulless puppets. With their help, he saves the survivors and restores various techniques to deal with a disaster. Along the way, the player is always helped by a joyful robot. That’s all.

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