Characters in Fortnite

We keep talking about Fortnite in our guides. And today in our guidebook we want to talk about which class of heroes to choose, for whom it is better to play, and which class will suit you best, so that you feel as comfortable as possible, playing for any character. One of the most important decisions in Fortnite is the choice of class for the game, your results depend on it, your mood during the game, and the training of your skills. And although the game has the ability to create several classes, over time you will most likely learn how to combine classes in your character, but this will be in dozens or even hundreds of hours spent in battles. First, it is still worth developing a certain class.


Commando is the most universal class. If you cannot completely decide for whom to play, then the Commando is the best. In addition, it is the most balanced class in the game. It carefully combines the skills of crafting, defense and attack. Basic skills are aimed at causing maximum damage to the enemy, which makes it as useful as possible in battle. In addition, given the features of Fortnite, the Commando will show your strengths and weaknesses in the game and help you determine the future direction in choosing a character.

Pros and cons of Commando

+ Well equipped, great damage, mines and grenades, the most versatile of all the characters in the game;

– No specialization, no building bonuses.

Constructor (builder)

If you are a born master and could build for hours in, for example, Minecraft, then this class is right for you. After all, the main activity of the Constructor is to build and build. And he does it not only much faster than others, but also cheaper. In addition, he can, using create an area in which all buildings will be fortified with even less resources. And the Constructor is not at all defenseless and not useless in battle. He has a fairly high level of protection and good damage. So he could, if he wanted to, be able to deal decent damage to enemies.

Pros and cons of the constructor

+ You can keep damage for a long time, fast and cheap construction;

– An impressive level of damage.


The most clever character of all the characters represented in the game. Commandos and ninjas are classes that can and should do permanent high damage, doing significant damage to the enemy. Ninja – melee class, armed with a sword. But it also means that you must come very close to the enemy. Therefore, the management of this class requires special skills, because with all this, the ninja has a rather low protection. Skills are special class abilities that need to be able to apply on time. For example, the “Mantis” ability will jump high enough. This will allow you to quickly get to the center of the battle and quickly get out of it, in case of danger or danger to life.

Pros and cons of ninja

+ Fast motion “Mantis”, a huge loss of the sword;

– Low protection.


Yes, an outlander, not just by name. If other classes are well suited for both battle and construction, then this class looks like an outlander among them. Equally bad in defense and attacks, and in construction. The advantage of an outlander in … let’s call it a conditional household. Looking around the neighborhood, he finds many valuable, useful, and most importantly, rare items, he easily finds chests, usually at an outlander, closer to the beginning of serious battles, pretty cool tools and weapons, but as already mentioned, he is a very weak fighter and builder, in battle he has little chance against the same commando or ninja. In a serious battle, the outlander has no place, because he will lose almost any duel.

Pros and cons of an outlander

+ Extraction of rare resources, the ability to find treasure chests;

– No combat skills.

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