Briefly about the wonderful game Fortnite

The beta version of Fortnite came out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in July 2017 and full access to the new version was given only in almost a year, in April 2018. Immediately after the release, it hit the top shopping, and all because the developers managed to make a convenient and beautiful game with a simple and understandable plot.


According to history, as a result of a terrible cataclysm on Earth, an epidemic begins that turns people into the living dead. Everywhere reigns panic and lawlessness, and by chance the survivors cooperate and somehow try to survive. You will find yourself in the role of one of the survivors, will shoot the zombies and escape, waiting for the evacuation team.

Game modes

Fortnite is primarily a classic PvE survival horror (nightmare survival) game. You will fight with zombies, search for cartridges and food, build a fort from scrap materials. And also look for stones, wood and metals from which to make walls, ceilings and stairs, design a deadly trap for the living dead, repair your refuge, complete missions and receive rewards, level up and find new weapons – do everything so that your hero survived and turned into a car to destroy everything.

The game has a PvP mode, made in the format Battle Royale. There you will find yourself on the island and will fight with other people, find cool weapons and build a shelter – do everything to be the last survivor and win. Here, the developers are a little nudged with a pickaxe – it can attack enemies, destroy other buildings, extract materials and much more.

Multiplayer in the game is implemented very convenient. You just pass one mission after another, and you are automatically joined by other players who help to accomplish the combat mission. Sometimes there are not enough players and you have to oppose the army of the undead together or in general alone. But in the latter case, the game will periodically look for you mates in the background. If you do not like the idea of  playing with complete strangers, you can invite your friends to the game. Unfortunately, Fortnite does not support cross-platform gameplay, so the owners of consoles will have to play with other console gamers, and PC adepts to resist the undead in the company of their own kind.

About mobile version

Fortnite can be played on all devices PC or Mac, Android or iOS, PS4 or Xbox One. It will run on any device, and progress in the network mode will remain. In this case, the player on the PC version will be able to compete with the owners of smartphones and tablets  this is actually very good, because now you can go in and check the status of your fort right on the road or from work.


Fortnight is a whole world in a slightly cartoon style, as it may seem at first glance. But simple and dynamic gameplay, high-quality graphics and unique style will appeal to everyone. The only downside is that the game can slow down and freeze, so be sure to check if your device’s specifications comply with the Fortnite system requirements.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the sets – if you want to stand out among the general mass of other players, be prepared to pay for premium access. So you will be given an exclusive weapon, a unique emblem for the flag and several other pieces, all depending on the set purchased.


  • Fortnite surprisingly quickly captivates and holds player interest.
  • Harmonious combination of research, construction and battles.
  • Bright cartoon graphics looks pretty attractive.
  • The multiplayer component does not oblige the player to anything.
  • Four main classes of characters with a unique style of play.
  • Just a huge amount of all kinds of weapons and traps.

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