Why do you have to download and try Fortnite

July 25, 2017 is the release date of the game “Fortnite”, which unfortunately has some sins and bugs. After some time, the developers, apparently realizing their mistake, and fearing for the future of their creation, decided on a rather desperate step. They took the basis of one of the most popular games at this moment: PUBG and just shoved survival mode into the ready-made Fortnite engine, dubbing this Battle Royal mode, prudently making it free! This had an incredible effect, the Fortnite: Battle Royale server cracked at the seams and they even broke the attendance record in the first days of release. It was akin to releasing free CS: GO! After all, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a lot of fans, and here we were given the opportunity to play essentially the same game, just for free. Let’s understand the reasons for the incredible popularity of Fortnite!

Graphic component

Almost 99% of surveyors of original “Fortnite”, noted its elegant visual style. Game is beautiful, monsters, weapons and the actual environment. It’s funny that it was almost the only thing that all critics liked unconditionally, unlike the original Fortnite gameplay itself. So this part in Fortnite: Battle Royal remained unchanged. It is clear that PUBG is more realistic, but precisely from the point of view of the beauty of the picture, and especially for those who like cartoon, “Fortnite: Battle Royale” is gorgeous!

Destructibility and interactivity of the environment

This feature again migrated to the royal battle mode from the original game. We destroy almost everything here. With the help of a pickaxe you can demolish cars, fortifications, buildings, etc. Often, good equipment can be found just on the roofs and in the basements of houses, where it is easiest to get breaking all in your path. It also affects the tactical component, because there are no indestructible shelters and, on the contrary, there is just a building which, with our light hand (picks and then later a grenade launcher), can become a beautiful ambush.

Threshold of entry

Fortnite is not Dota 2, where you have to spend dozens of hours, just to figure out the purchase, skills and other intricacies of the game. Fortnite is quite easy to learn and play. There is a small minus here, for example, the absence of real physics when shooting, but, on the other hand, this makes the gameplay even easier. “Fortnite” arcade in its essence, and this can be seen when shooting, when searching for weapons, when trying to spot enemies. All this is quite easy, and does not cause wild punctures on the part of newbies, as in the aforementioned Dota 2.


So we got to the main distinctive feature of “Fortnite: Battle Royale” in comparison with the same “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”. Construction is the setting of blocks (without any laws of gravity, of course, the arcade is what you wanted) and stairs to protect against enemies and quickly move to the roof of the building, for example. At the beginning of the game, it is very important to get as many resources as possible (we look at the paragraph about the destruction of everything around) so that at the right moment you can easily build a small fortification.


As we have said, “Fortnite: Battle Royal” is distributed completely free of charge! This is the mode for which all you need is to download the client from the site and start the game. Even the developers will not deny that it was this model that allowed the Battle of the King to become so popular if they asked for the same money as for “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” maybe we would not have written this article. But the fact remains that if you want to try a game in the survival genre, but you don’t have money for PUBG, or if you prefer cartoon graphics and barricades, the choice is obvious: download Fortnite and see you on the flying bus!

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