How not to be a noob in Fortnite

Fortnite – cool game, it is already possible to shoot waves of zombies with pleasure. But it’s not easy to shoot at everything that moves, you need to learn how to develop, allocate resources and craft weapons, because daredevils do not live long during a zombie apocalypse. In this guide, we will touch only the most basic tips on the game and will not go into details. Things like craft, resource gathering and construction will be discussed separately later.

  1. Do not rush to spend bonuses and gains. In Fortnite, you will periodically receive various bonuses and boosts that you can use on your characters, but don’t be in a hurry to spend them! The skill tree in the game is huge, and the characters themselves are so different, so first play the “standard” versions without upgrading to figure out which one of them deserves your attention and who should spend valuable resources.
  2. Spend pumping points wisely. At this stage, the game does not provide a way to redistribute the skill points spent, so that your every decision will remain with you forever (or until a major update, which is also likely). Accordingly, the principle is the same as with XP boosts – first play, shoot, and therefore swing the skills that will bring the most benefit to your favorite characters. Believe, two or three points at random will not make your game easier.
  3. Accumulation does not make sense. Unlike pumping points and boosts, all other resources are much more efficient to start up immediately, rather than trying to save in large quantities. Yes, it will not work – the backpack was initially still too small for storing serious stocks. And don’t worry about basic resources like metal, wood and stone – they are always available in abundance. The same applies to weapons, there is no need to carry with you a whole inventory of weak guns and clubs. If you get something powerful, disassemble everything that you will no longer use, so you will clear the space for the really necessary items.
  4. Do not fear death. Despite the fact that there is an element of survival in Fortnite, death is not permanent and imposes a relatively small penalty – if you feel that valuable loot is hidden somewhere or you just want to do research in a dangerous place, do not hesitate to follow the curiosity. In extreme cases, you will liven up on the base, but you will be wiser and more experienced than before (and, perhaps a bit richer).
  5. Get trained. Seriously. Fortnite is definitely one of those games that need to be studied for a long time and scrupulously in order to “drag” in them and not let the team down with silly mistakes. There are a bunch of confusing mechanics that are really important to master. Everyone knows that you can run and twist the mouse, but not only this explains in training.

Advantages of this game

  • The game looks great. And it’s not about technology at all, although the order with them is UE4, and Epic in developers is the same. The game makes the style, bright and a little punk – see videos and screenshots.
  • The mechanics of building forts are still fresh.  In a few clicks to build a bastion to protect against zombies – cool! Well, not in a few, the management is a bit confusing, and you have to get used to it.
  • It’s fun to shoot here.  And this is important for a game about zombies, because if they are boring to destroy – it is a failure. It’s not boring here, there are a lot of weapons, it is noticeably different from each other, there is a return, everything is juicy.
  • This is a great replacement for Left 4 Dead.  When playing with friends, the game is really very similar to the best zombie shooter in the world, except that the famous unpredictability is not here. But there are forts!

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