How to start in Fortnite

Fortnite was released in the summer of 2017, and attracted a lot of attention from the gaming community. The game is distributed on a shareware model: you can download it and try out PvP mode, but to access the single-player campaign (and legendary content) you will need to buy one of four sets.

But now we will not understand the benefits of these kits. At any time you can download Fortnite from the official site and take part in the hot battles, before which you will find an interesting process of building the base. Beginners, not familiar with the subtleties and tricks, can easily spoil the experience of the game for themselves and others by starting to create chaos in the party. In the article we will look at what the main mechanics of the game are based on and what you need to know to win.

About missions and training system

It is important to pay attention to the training that many players ignore. Yes, it can be considered monotonous and boring in Fortnite, but after passing you will have the basic skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete the assignments. Players will learn how to use shelters, build defenses and other important details. In the beginning, you will be offered to go through a few simple missions, for which you do not need to make an effort. But beginners use good traps and try to create the maximum amount of things, which is not recommended. So you spend the resources that will be useful when passing more complex missions. Also at this stage it is recommended to choose a character and develop it. “Throwing” between the characters is not productive.

Construction Materials

The first thing you have to do is to collect resources for construction. There are several basic building materials: stone, wood, metal. They are used for the construction of walls, floors, ceilings and other elements. It is not hard to guess that it will take a lot of resources to build a beautiful castle (or at least an average fort). But where to get them? We’ll have to disassemble the surrounding objects. Literally. Approach, a tree, and smash it with an ax. So you can get wood. Accordingly, it is recommended to break pipes, street lights and cars to collect metal. Metal ore deposits can be found in caves (during forest missions). In the city, of course, there is more metal, but it is better to use it wisely, since the resources are not infinite. The stone is mined from large boulders. Usually the deposit is considered the outskirts of the city and forest.

Drawings, weapons

Shortly after the start of the battle, the players receive several drawings. It is recommended to create those that recycle low-quality weapons. The fact is that players often overflow with backpacks, so sometimes there are times when you can’t take important materials. Therefore, it is necessary to turn “unnecessary” resources into low-quality weapons, and it can already be processed.

Updating of drawings (schemes)

During the opening of the chests or after the passage of missions in the “Loot” (located in the main menu) will appear the scheme. With their help, you can create a new weapon. But the basic guns have low characteristics, but if you improve the scheme, you can get a good weapon. However, for this you need to spend a lot of resources for crafting. As a result, you may not have material for ordinary construction, not to mention the further development of schemes. There were cases when the players completely improved their weapons, but did not understand further what to do, because there did not have enough resources.

Base defenders

The player can call the base defenders – bots that help pass the mission. You can customize them and equip them with any weapon. However, this business is extremely inefficient, since the allies irrationally use ammunition. For example, for one mission, they are ways to spend 1000 rounds of ammunition, which, of course, sounds silly. But the fact remains.

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