What is Fortnite Battle Royale

The genre of the royal battle includes a long battle of survival, where players who are in a confined space are forced to search for weapons and materials, as well as other resources, in order to survive and destroy their opponents. Purpose: to remain the last surviving player or team. Imagine the first part of the movie “The Hunger Games” (or the Japanese “Royale Battle” if you are an aesthete) and transfer it to a video game – you have turned Fortnite. Unlike PUBG, which, despite the chaotic fights of the pans, looked more or less realistic, Fortnite adapted the cartoon style more familiar to the players of Minecraft and casual games than realistic military shooters of the category of Call of Duty: when you kill opponents in Fortnite, you don’t even will see their blood. With Minecraft, the game also combines the fact that players can instantly build fortifications and buildings right in the middle of the playing field.

And finally, on the side of Fortnite there is also the fact that the colorful game is intuitively understandable even to those who have never touched video games before – or played casual gadgets from the Candy Crush  and Subway Surfers categories.

How to play Fortnite

All players (in Fortnite hundreds of people at the same time get on the map) are thrown from a balloon flying over a completely uninhabited island, divided into several conventional zones. At the beginning of the game, everyone is in the same conditions: all players are given a full choice that does very little damage, and a really powerful weapon is hidden in the buildings and car bodies, and you should start looking for it very quickly.

Having absorbed one or two barrels (several types of weapons from pistols and rifles to mines, grenades and traps are included in the arsenal of the game) and having found a couple of bonuses, such as first-aid kits and shields, players start to hunt other participants: three or four minutes after the start the number of surviving players on servers usually decreases from one hundred to fifty. As the game develops and the number of participants decreases, the card periodically “shrinks” under pain of automatic death, driving all players into one game zone and pushing them not to hide from each other at different ends of the map, thereby delaying the game process. The fewer the participants, the greater the role played by one of the most original concepts of the game: the construction of stairs and shelters in real time. By the end of the game, it often turns out that opponents build themselves inside huge towers, make barricades, and, looking at the sights, wait for the decreasing map to cause other survivors to crawl out of their holes into open terrain. After death, no one forces players to wait helplessly until the remnants of the survivors kill each other – you can disconnect and start a new match at any time. Thus, a match can last from a couple of minutes for those who are not lucky to fall at the very beginning, up to 20-30 minutes for survival masters – until the map brings all the survivors to a tiny segment, and the final battle is inevitable.

Depending on the chosen game mode (single and team variants are possible), the victory is awarded to the last surviving player or team. Considering that there are 100 players on the map, often 99 of them have to put up with the idea that the main thing is not victory, but participation, and go look for a new match, with the hope that this time you will definitely have luck.

Also an important aspect is the incredible popularity of the game on different platforms, including PCs and Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles, more than 45 million people have played in Fortnite (and at the same time there were more than three million users in the game) all this could not but make Fortnite Battle Royale is a cultural phenomenon and an object for countless jokes and memes.

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