Fortnite, tips for beginners

The release of the game Fortnite, developed by the popular studio Epic Game for more than 4 years, was released the other day, and now beginners are interested in how to build a strategy, what weapons to use, what nuances are present in the game? If you belong to the same category, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our material.

Be sure to go through theTrainingmode

Do not rush to the multiplayer mode, because without training you just slow down the whole process of pumping your character. If you are just starting to play Fortnite, be sure to get trained. It is not particularly difficult and takes little time, but it is more than worth the hours spent. You will receive not only tons of valuable information, but also in addition the system unlocks for you some abilities that will help in the network game. Here you will be told how to use various shelters correctly, how to put doors, low walls, traps. This is a very important point, because management is very specific and requires skills. Different localization is present, so the whole learning process will take you some time.

Correctly improve weapons and collect all the bonuses

Throughout the gameplay you will receive different XP boosts, chests that will further help you in leveling and crafting weapons. Accordingly, after the improvement of weapons, certain parameters increase. To improve you need ingredients that can not be found immediately, but only after passing through several levels. As a result, you can get into a situation where you will have a weapon inaccessible to the current level of the character. This happens when you upgrade one thing and invest all resources only in this thing. We recommend you upgrade several types of weapons at once. Then you will gradually improve them and be able to use them at every level. Even if not all, then one for sure.

Be sure to pass the mission to the end

If you want to get additional valuable resources, including rare, then be sure to go through all the missions. Usually, the passage is 2 days, but this can be done much faster.

Properly choose a character class

Each class in Fortnite has its own specific features. For example, a ninja is very good in melee and can easily put in an army of soldiers, and then suddenly disappear. The constructor also copes with the design and construction of houses, can quickly build any building and set traps. If you are a soldier, then you will have a large number of weapons, grenades, various ammunition and will be able to kill the hordes of enemies in one fell swoop. To decide on a class, we recommend playing at least 1-2 missions for each of them in order to determine exactly. Additionally, watch videos with gameplay on the Internet, in which you will already see all their abilities. Initially, only two classes will be available to you, and only then through the skill tree you can unlock the remaining two.

Do not rely on bots defenders

Even in the game trailer itself, you can see a moment when, in addition to the main characters, there are separate bots on your base, which also attack and defend with zombies. On the third base of protection, you can assign bots to protect your base. Yes, this is interesting, fun and stuff like that, but not very effective! Actually it is not effective at all! If you are playing with a team, then give up bots and forget about them at all, at least in the initial stages. Every bot protector requires mandatory ammunition supply, because they are far from infinite with them. And they spend the ammo very, very quickly, and sometimes not very effective. Now think about it, is it worth it?

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