Some of my favorite action movies involve a legendary action director by the name of John Woo.
Even if you don’t know him, you sure as hell know his movies. He’s filmed everyone from Jean Claude Van Damm in Hard Target, to Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2.
His trademark slowmotion action sequences and heros with a gun in each hand leaping to the ground with each gun blazing has been captured PERFECTLY in the newly to console title Max Payne.
This game has won game of the year from almost every critic for PC games this year.
I am not a big PC game fan, so now that Max Payne is available on Xbox and PS2, I must say. THEY ARE RIGHT. Max Payne ROCKS!
Every fantasy I’ve ever had of firing two fisted guns in slow motion has come true.
Max Payne even has a feature called “Bullet Time.” This has to be the best feature ever made in a game. With the press of a single button, you can slow down the action, John Woo style. In the Xbox version you can see the bullets fly through the air and puncture their intended targets better then the PS2. The Xbox version is closer to the PC version with its higher rez graphics and clearer bullet time, but the PS2 version is no joke either. I find the control better and the differences vague.

Playstation 2 – X-Box

I know you’re wondering what kind of story does Max Payne have. Because, after all , that’s why we play games right? (Insert laugh here.)
Max Payne was a New York City cop until his wife and child are brutally murdered in his own home. Max payne walks in on this horrible act and does what Max Payne does best. He blows them away. 
Now Max Payne on a quest for vengeance. Along the way, he gets blamed for crimes he was not involved in. Now he has tro fight the crime lords and his fellow officers.
Now its time for Max Payne to kick ass and chew gum, but he’s all out of gum. Okay, that’s Duke Nukem. But you get my point.

Playstation 2 – X-Box

Max Payne is a lot like Duke Nukem in a way. They’re both tough, rough necks, SOB’s who don’t give a rats patoot about jack, until they have to kick some butt. 
Max Payne is the game for any action fan waiting to escape.
Max Payne is a third person game, but is actually better than most first person shooters I’ve played.
Max Payne will keep you playing. The action will keep you excited, and the story will keep you wanting more. Max Payne is not just another action game. Its REVOLUTIONARY.

Yes. Max Payne is gonna start a whole new genre of action game.
There are already two other John Woo action style games in the works. One is being developed by the Woo himself. That should be cool. Heck, even Devil May Cry had a bit Wooesque action in it.
Max Payne is one of the best games of the year if the best. I recommend it to all who love a huge helping of action and violence with their video games.

Game Rating
GRAPHICS9.5 / 10
MUSIC & SOUND8.5 / 8
REPLAY10 / 10
OVERALL9.5 / 10

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