The top game on PS2 has returned badder then ever. I was afraid that GTA:VC would nothing but GTA3 again but now set in the 80’s.
While it is GTA but it’s not the same game.
The game is set in the mid 1980’s, you play as Tommy Vercetti and he’s out to make a name for himself by owning Vice City.
You’ll take jobs from top crime lords, gain their trust then take over their business in one form or another.
Everything that made GTA3 a great game is in GTA:VC, tons of cars to steal,
a huge city to explore to hunt for secrets, Plenty of missions, side missions, the radio stations, and many weapons. But there’s a lot more of all of these.

The cars are all 80’s style and there’s even secret cars to find and you can steal motorcycles and helicopters, this is what we wished we could do in GTA3.
The city only has two islands instead of three, but there’s more to explore.
You can enter hundreds of buildings, and even buy some of them and they’ll make money for you.
The missions are challenging and there’s so many side missions, Rampages, RC cars/planes/helicopters, Vigilante, Hidden Packages, Fire Truck, Ambulance, Pizza Delivery, Taxi, Races, Assassin, Car Hunt, Arena Courses, and Unique Jumps. 
There’s double the amount of weapons to find, There’s so many they had to categorize the weapons and you can only carry one of each.

The graphics are a large step above GTA3, It looks great and plays great.
It’s just not the best graphics I’ve seen and one graphical change that does tick a gamer off now and again is how the sun gets in your eyes.
Just imagine your drive along and you take a turn and then your blinded. 
While realistic, it just a pain when your running from the cops and you can’t see any thing in front of you.
The sound and music is better then most any other game available.
The radio stations play real 80’s music and the voice acting is done by famous celebrities.
You’ll be singing along as you kill people and run from the cops.
GTA:VC has a mature rating for good reason. Hookers, a strip club, violence, blood, swearing, and adult content. Pretty much everything that made GTA3 great and more.
GTA:VC is game of the year in my book. This game is a must own for any one who always wanted to be the bad guy.

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