Hot Shots Golf, the original arcade golf game from Sony is back for the fourth installment. 
So what better title then Hot Shots Golf FORE! I mean seriously. I think the only reason they 
made a 3 was so they can get to FORE! Its so obvious, its awesome.

But beyond the title, is the game cool? Well, yes. Personally, I’ve always liked the Hot Shots 
series, I mean part Deux wasn’t as good as the first…oh wait….wrong Hot Shots. Anyway, Hot 
Shots Golf is still the best of slew of arcade gold titles that came spawned from the original. If 
you don’t think there has been a slew, here’s just a few. Outlaw Golf, Swingers Golf, CyberTiger,
and Mario Golf.

Hot Shots Golf FORE! Brings back your favorite characters as well as a slew of newbies. 
Once again, the control is so easy anyone can play. Hot Shots Golf changed the way golf games 
are played. Even the officially liscensed PGA Tour features modes that emulate Hot Shots’ easy layout.

Graphically speaking it is an improvement over the last one, which personally I found to be a 
great disappointment. FORE! offers a ton more characters, levels, and events. And yes, Mini Golf 
is back. The best feature ever to grace a golf game is the same thing we pay 5.00 per person to 
play at out local putt putt. But its so fantastic and addictive, I had to meet with others twice a 
week to discuss it.

What is it about doing everyday activities in a game that makes it so darn much fun. Bowling,
Pool, Mini Golf? Its like, wow! Now I have even more reasons not to leave the house, AWESOME!

Even if you don’t like golf, and have never heard of Tiger Woods Hot Shots makes it fun.
Worried that golfers are snooty high class old guys? Naw, not in this game. Hot Shots Golf’s 
characters are folks from all walks of life. Most are people you would never want to socialize with 
in real life, but are hilarious here.

If you’ve never played before, I challenge you to just pick up a controller. I’m telling you, in a 
matter of minutes you’ll have the whole thing figured out and playing like a pro. You’ll discover 
things along the way..”oh that’s what that means!” It’s a great feeling to figure out a game 
without ever opening the manual.

ESRB RATINGE (everyone)
PLAYERS1-4 (50 online)
Game Rating

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