Okay, I want to start by saying up front that this is not a new game on the market. I know this. It came out at the end of last year, if I’m not mistaking. 
However, I just picked it up. Not really knowing anything about it. the back of the box made it out to be pretty cool, however the reviews I remember reading about it, said it stunk. 
All flash and no gas, or something like that. So, I wasn’t expecting much. 
However, I am writing this review today to tell you and world that this Gun Grave is an AWESOME game!
I apologize to whoever wrote that review I read, but YOU ARE WRONG! 
Sure its full of flashy graphics, but the game has plenty of juice too. Okay, here’s the 411 on Gun Grave.

GUNGRAVE VR_20181209152439

To put it simply. It’s a shooter. It’s an anime shooter. It’s an awesome John Woo meets The Matrix anime shooter!
It looks just like a Japanese anime cartoon. No kidding. You play as Gun Grave. A guy who was killed by his business partner because he was going to rat on his dirty deeds.
He is saved and rebuilt by a scientist. Rebuilt into Gun Grave. A giant of a guy, who is part man, part machine. All bad ass mofo.
When his evil ex-partner harms a little girl and her family. Its Gun Grave who will avenge them with a bullet.
Armed with two guns, a huge mechanical pack on his back that doubles as a rocket launcher, and a ton of attitude.
Gun Grave takes on six levels of baddies with John Woo style moves, and a touch of Cowboy Bebop atmosphere.

The graphics are sharp, high res, and simply beautiful. The detail is mind blowing. The action is so tight, it hurts. The sound is loud and takes full advantage of Dolby surround. 
The only problem I have with this game, is that it’s too short. It left me wanting more. Maybe that’s a good thing, but when I beat it in one sitting, that’s too short.
Sure, I used a ton of continues. It is a shooter, and after all, any shooter can be finished with enough time, patients, and continues.
Still, it just seemed like it flew by. Some of the bosses were incredibly frustrating, but that didn’t detour me, it fueled me.
If I had to give a second piece of criticism, it would have to be that the game no depth. Its not deep, simple plat, simple game play, simple game. However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.
Sure, maybe you can almost play the game blind folded. Until you get to a boss, than its pure skill that will save your arsenal.
It’s a button pusher, a thumb sprainer, yadda yadda yadda. I don’t care, and I don’t mind. I love this game for the same reasons I love Devil May Cry. He is one bad mofo. 
I can’t recommend this game enough. If you like action, anime, and lots of gun play. I order you to march to the local game stopre right now, and buy Gun Grave.
Do not rent it. For as short a game it is, I guarantee you’ll wanna play it again and again. Because once you beat it, you earn slomotion mode. Oh hell yeah!

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