Last year, Jak and Daxter revolutionized the platform game. As did its creators previous
platform giant Crash Bandicoot. Jak was funny, adventurous, beautifu, and challenging.
A sequel was inevitable. However, a sequel with more of the same is not what Jak II is
all about. JAK II reinvented itself. There is a lot here. First and foremost, Jak II is more
adult. No, Jak is not cussin’ and spraying bullets at hookers while car jacking some old
ladies. However, the story is written more for an older audience. The maturity is obvious
from the beginning. There is torture, sexual chemistry, and a more complex story. Jak is
a much more mature character. He’s older, has facial hair, and talks. YES, he has a voice.
And he is a real bad ass, now. He was kidnapped and experimented on. Now
when he loses his temper he turns to Evil Jak. Basically Jak, with purple skin and mutant like powers.

Jak II is more gorgeous than ever. The levels are just FULL of detail and design. I mean
these cities look so cool. I wish this was a place I could visit. Jak can do so many things too.
Its not just a run and jump game. He can ride on flying bikes. Which he can hijack at anypoint.
So, maybe it is like GTA. Hmph, wicked. He skate on hover boards, fly planes,
and uses weapons. Jak is giving Rachet a run for his money now.

Sony is the leader when it comes to platform games. Hands down. They have taken the
platformer and redefined what it can be. The Jak games, the Rachet and Clank games
(see the review of Rachet and Clank: Going Commando) and Sly Cooper. Which I can’t
wait for the sequel to. JAK II is probably the best platformer this year. Every level gives
you something different to do. You will not tire of this game. It is probably the least
repetitive game I have ever played. I cannot tell you how much this game rocks. If you
loved the original as I did, you have to play this game. This is one for the library. There
are some games you can get by with just playing or renting. There are others that must
be in your collection. JAK II is one of those games. I predict a classic. Its not often a
sequel is actually better than the first. JAK II is far better. This is a series to watch.
Mario, Sonic, Jak. He’s mascot material.

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