In a small village a boy is born with horns, the village forces him to a empty castle to imprison and leave him there to die.
But he escapes his cell and looks to find the exit to the castle only to find a mysterious young girl also locked up who speaks a weird language.
He rescues and guides her to find the exit with him. He soon finds out the castle has occupants, strange shadow monsters who are hunting for the young girl. So he must fight off these monsters and protect the girl from harm.
This is the basic plot to Ico, a highly original game by Sony.

This gameplay is mostly figuring out puzzles on how to get the girl trough the castle, and beating off monsters from taking the girl to a shadow pit. 
The graphics are beautiful, especially the castle backgrounds. There’s so much to explore and the puzzles can be quite a challenge.
The character animation is really a big plus in this game. They move and flow so well they almost move as well as real life. He really looks like he’s tugging the girl around with him. And the monsters are animated well too.

The control is tops too. You can call the young girl and she will follow even if it means jumping over gaps and you catching her so she doesn’t fall. She won’t do everything the boy can do. So at times you have to leave her behind and figure out how to get her to the other side.
The boy for the most part can’t die (except if he falls to his doom) it’s the girl you have to worry about in this game. So it’s care for others before your self in this game.

My only complaint on Ico is at times they bombard you with monsters. Your only armed with a board to protect the girl from ton of shadow monsters and many times have to chase them down before they pull her into a pit. And some times they take her to the farthest pit and you have to fight through several monsters to save her. It’s not a horrible thing just frustrating at times.
I highly recommend Ico, especially if you like games as Oddworld or Heart of Darkness.

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