Might and Magic seems to be 3DO痴 next most popular series of games next to the Army Men. While Crusaders and Warriors where action adventure games. Heroes offers more of a strategy RPG feel to it. 
You pick one of four characters to lead your army, the queen sends you out to capture felons for large cash rewards and promotes your rank. But your main quest is for the Dragon Bone Staff which is hidden somewhere in one of the three continents. You search a continent, pick up treasures, kill enemy armies and pick up bounties and raid the castle that felon is hiding in. Pick up pieces to a map to find the location of the Dragon Bone Staff.

There痴 a time limit to beat the game, depending on the difficulty setting you値l have 900-200 gameplay days to beat it. And trust me those days go fast.
You値l have a salary from the queen, plus money you get by winning battles and rewards for bounties. You hire soldiers and monsters to fight your battles. And higher your leadership points are the more men or monsters you can hire.

The battle system is like a chess board. Checkered squares and each type of character has their own style of movement, range, damage, etc.
Each player and computer get a turn and the better army wins the battle. One character on the screen represents your army. You値l have a limit of five types of soldiers or monsters at one time. That character can represent hundreds of soldiers. And each time you battle, you値l get a number of how many where killed. The more soldiers in that character, the more damage you can conflict on the enemy and vica-verca.

There are spells to use but they are costly and can only be used once per turn.
The graphics in Heroes is no Final Fantasy by far, just simple polygons and plain backgrounds.
If your looking for an epic RPG, heroes is far from it. Heroes is a basic simple Dungeons & Dragons style. A bounty hunter hero who is looking for a legendary prize.

The gameplay is addicting, you値l want to search everywhere for all the prizes and build your army. One little tip for this game. Unless you need the money, always take the leadership points.
Overall Heroes might be at best a good game to rent. You値l should be able to beat it on easy in no time flat. And if you feel you want to try a harder challenge, then you might want to buy it.









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