Jet ski games have been a fan favorite since N64’s Wave Race 64. A lot of mimics have come out sice with mostly lame results.
The only exception was Sony’s different take on the subject, with the Jet Moto series.
Now, Sony has revisited the subject on the PlayStation 2. No, it’s not a Jet Moto 4, but a new game called Jet X 20.
That’s Jet X-2-0. It’s a combination of Wave Race and Jet Moto with a dash of FreekStyle. Jet X is standard Jet Ski racing with a EA BIG extreme arcade feel to it.

The graphics are well done. Excellent, clear water effects combined with fast game play makes for a solid gaming experience.
Jet X20 offers crazy EA BIG style characters. Hot chicks, with in your face attitude. Well, you know what I mean.
The best part about this Jet Ski racer is what it doesn’t involve.
I don’t know about you, but I hate the balloons in all the other Jet Ski Racers.
Allow me to explain. Every other Jet Ski game, starting with Nintendo’s Wave Race, uses balloons to set the track.
You have to pass through a set of balloons to stay on course. If you should fail, you must go back. And boy, is it easy to miss them in the wavy waters. It’s a pain in the firckin’ butt.

Jet X20 has a set track, but it’s set by the path and not by balloons.
So, you can’t miss a check point. It makes for a much “funner” gaming experience.
Yeah, I do realize there is no such word. Don’t write me.

If you like racing games that leaves reality at the door, you’ll appreciate Jet X20.
I would have preferred if they had just bitten the bullet and made a Jet Moto 4.
Maybe Jet X20 is a test run for a Moto 4?
I like Jet X20, but fans such as myself, love it when the old is new again.
Twisted Metal Black for instance was an incredible sequel. Do the same for Jet Moto and I’ll forget about Jet Moto 3.
After playing TM: Black, I don’t even remember if there was any Twisted Metal games after part 2.
When all is said and done. Jet X20 is a good game and worth a look.
Its fun, it offers rich graphics, and good game play. And really, what more can you ask for?

ESRB RATINGE (everyone)
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