The best news a football fan can hear is that its football season again. The second best news. Madden NFL is back on the PlayStation 2. 
Madden NFL 2002 is pumped for the new football season. Pumped of exciting new graphics and features. 
Madden NFL 2001 was thought to be unbeatable by the competition. That still is true. Madden 2001 was beaten by Madden 2002.

Graphics are extraordinary. The players perform even more life like then before. However, I still think Sega did it best. Madden’s still has an animated look in the players faces.
The player graphics also do not always pull off the illusion they are one with the background. Especially in some replays. It’s obvious the field is a separate pallette from the player. The stadiums could use a little more life in the stands. I can hear the fans cheer, but I ain’t seein’ it. 
Otherwise, these graphics are beautiful. Madden 2002 features coaches, side liners, cheer leaders, and ref’s that are so life like, they even have their head up their butt at times. 
Oop’s. Sorry if I offended any ref lovers out there.

Madden NFL 2002 still features great commentary from the legends in Football. Including James Brown, and John Madden himself. 
You can also take game tips from Madden during the game, or in his new training mode. Not familiar on how to play Madden? No problem. You play in the new easy play. 
Simpler controls for any beginner to jump in and be a pro. 
Ever dream of owning your own NFL team? Who hasn’t? Let Madden make that dream come true. Madden 2002 allows players to create their own league, teams, players, rivalries, etc. How much more do you want?
Well, how about all the NFL teams, including the new expansion Houston Texans! Madden is tops in its field and always has been. Whether it will be the best NFL game on the PS2 this year, is yet to be seen. It has stiff competition this year. With Acclaim, Sony, and Sega all gunning for the top spot this year.

EA’s Madden series is a power house in the industry, and has been for more than ten years.
This title was not given to them, they earned it by pushing out top quality product.
With every game console change, Madden changes with it. It adapts and makes us remember why we chose Madden all over again. Madden NFL 2002 on PS2 does not disappoint.
Madden NFL 2002 lives up to the Madden legacy of greatness.

ESRB RATINGE (everyone)
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